Wednesday, August 16, 2006


MYX Picks

Found this on the ABS-CBN website. MYX Picks for the week:

I Care
Rachelle Ann Go
GULONGGulong ng Palad
Jerome Sala
SWEARThis I Swear
Sam Milby
FRIENDFriend of Mine
4EVERBLUForever BlueJed Madela
It's You, It's Me
Top Suzara
INITSobrang Init
FOSFirst of Summer

To download, send WM [KEYWORD] for monotone or WT [KEYWORD] for polytone to 2366.

I'm not much of a ringtone fan, but I do like some of the songs that they come out with. Last year, I couldn't get enough of Sugarfree's Makita Ka Muli (keyword: MAKITA). I know songs like Kitchie's Wag Na Wag and ONL's Pinoy Ako were big, but somehow Sugarfree's was one of the winners for me. I guess it's because I like the way the song translated as a ringtone.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Tom & Jerry Cheese Chase

One of the things I l ove doing on my phone is playing games. You know, when you're bored or stuck in traffic or waiting for someone, Java games are a good break. (Expect more game reviews on this blog).

Anyway, I recently tried Cartoon Network's Tom & Jerry Cheese Chase and I have to say I was instantly addicted. The gameplay is easy -- you play as Jerry trying to collect all these pieces of cheese in different mazes. In each maze, you have to avoid being hit by the many Toms scattered around.

What I like so much about the game is that it is very engaging. I actually found myself getting curiously excited when my little mouse was close to getting surrounded by the many cats in the game. It's definitely the kind of game I would recommend if you're stuck in the car or even if you're one of those bathroom players.

To download the game, text WG TOM to 2366.


1st post ever

Yey! You made it to my blog. Welcome!

Before anything else, I'd like to give you a backgrounder on why I decided to start this blog. I'm an avid cellphone user. I play games, download wallpapers and participate in all those TV-show promos. I am a sucker for whatever technology is offered to me through my phone. With all the services out there, I thought that I should give my ten cents on what really works, what's irritating and why telcos suck most of the time. (Oh, and did I mention I used to work for a telco? So, I do have some knowledge on how the industry works).

This is just my personal take on what's out there. So, I hope no one really takes this too personally. If I'm able to help you navigate through the wonderful world of Pinoy VAS, then, great. If not, well, too bad.

You can leave comments here or email me at

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